The Public Safety Committee has recommended that the Town implement a mailbox reflector system for those mailboxes located in the right-of-way. The reflectors will make the mailboxes easier to see at night, snow events, and during inclement weather. They are intended to provide motorists with recognition and guidance information about roadside features.

Seven Devils is conducting a pilot program to attach reflectors (approximately 4" by 1") to both sides of the mailbox. Grouped mailboxes will have a reflector attached to both sides of the group. The pilot program includes mailboxes in the right-of-way along the following streets: Alpine Drive, Wildcat Rocks, Highcliff Circle, Deepwood Court, Meadowview Court, and Rocky Top Trail. Town purchased reflectors will be attached to the mailboxes by Town personnel at no cost to home owners.

Reflectors will be installed beginning in mid-September. The pilot program will be evaluated during the autumn, winter, and spring. The reflector program will be evaluated next summer to determine feasibility of expansion to the entire Town. As stated previously, the reflectors and installations are done at no cost to the homeowner. Should any homeowner prefer not to have the reflectors installed please contact Town Hall.

The Public Safety Committee believes that reflectors will make your mailbox easier to see during storms and during dark hours. It is also a good time to make sure your house number is highly visible to emergency crews and mail carriers.