Board Appointment/Committee Application


Note: Please submit the Payment Draft form if you wish to have a monthly water draft for your water bill. The entire form filled out and signed is required, as well as a voided check. We will no longer be taking credit card payments in Town Hall. You can go to our Official Payments site to make an online payment.

  • Payment Draft Form: For Water Payments
  • Occupancy Tax Form & Instructions: NEW - use immediately
  • New Account Set-up Form for new Water Accounts: All new residents must fill out both front and back of this form, as well as provide 2 forms of I.D. (one MUST be photo I.D.). Please submit this form as well as your I.D. copies to Town Hall in person, or if necessary by email or fax.
  • Security Information Form - Please fill this form out in addition to the New Account Set-up Form. This provides our Police and Fire Departments with much needed information.

Mail or fax all completed forms to:

Seven Devils Town Hall
1356 Seven Devils Road
Seven Devils, NC 28604
Fax: 828.963.7418

If you are interested in being a part of a Committee or Board, please fill out an Application for Appointment attached here, and send it to Town Hall via email, fax, or in person!